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The GeorgiaWoodworkers.com web site is owned and managed by Paul Proffitt, Suwanee, GA. (Contact Form below)

I started the GeorgiaWoodworkers.com web site in November 2007 because I saw a need.  There are over 25 woodworking clubs and groups in Georgia.  They have varying levels of success providing information for their members and attracting new members.  The GeorgiaWoodworkers.com is intended as a comprehensive local woodworking resource for woodworkers and the general public.

My intention is that the GeorgiaWoodworkers.com site will fill several needs.

  • Help Georgia woodworkers locate and contact local woodworking clubs and tool and material vendors.
  • Help direct potential members to local woodworking clubs specific to their area of interest.
  • Increase general interest in woodworking.
  • Help the general public locate local woodworkers for custom residential, commercial and artistic woodworking projects.
  • Facilitate and promote the use of local woodworking instructors

I started woodworking around 1970 and have done a few small projects over the years.  Most of my projects were small turnings and the occasional furniture piece made using my Shopsmith and hand tools.  In 2003 I joined the Gwinnett Woodworkers Association (GWA).  I was trying to find a group where I could talk to and learn from local woodworkers.  I definitely hit the jackpot.  The GWA's fifty plus general woodworking classes each year, and 30 plus special interest classes on woodturning and scroll sawing can be a boost for any woodworker - beginner to expert.

Paul Proffitt - Owner GeorgiaWoodworking.comIn 2004 my woodworking interests became known as Whispered Images and I added a laser engraver to my tool set.  Now in addition to making custom art and woodworking projects (example ) I do custom laser engraving and create signature medallions (the simpler name I came up with for them is a CraftID ).

I have been a member of the Gwinnett Woodworkers Association since 2003.  I am also a member of the American Association of Woodturners (AAW) and the Chattahoochee Woodturners.  I have been honored to serve as vice-president and president of the Gwinnett Woodworkers Association.  I am also currently the webmaster for both the GWA and the Chattahoochee Woodturners.

Please share your suggestions and ideas for improvement.  Together we can make woodworking more fun, profitable, and accessible to all of Georgia.  If you live outsite Georgia and are interested in seeing this same information for your state, please contact me as I will be working on other states in the future as well as a comprehensive site for the entire USA.

Thank you for visiting the GeorgiaWoodworkers.com web site.  If you would like to contact me about anything related to GeorgiaWoodworkers.com please use the form below.

Paul Proffitt

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