Got a Saw Mill?

Where's your nearest saw mill?  How many of us actually visit or know where one is?  I'd really like to know.  If you own a saw mill business - stationary or mobile - or you know of one you want to share with fellow woodworkers, please contact us with the information on: 


Is it a stationary saw mill business or a person with a portable saw mill? (Note:  I'll count portable saw mills that never move as a stationary business.)

If it is a stationary business please give us their address or at least approximate location so we can find it.

If it is a mobile saw mill tell us anything you can share about their location and territory.

What products do they normally produce and/or have available?

Do they only sell to commercial shops or do they also sell to individual local woodworkers?

How can we contact them?  Please tell us all you can such as the owner's name, phone number, web site, etc.

If you are the owner of a saw mill, please tell us anything you want about your business and we'll try to incorporate as much as possible on this web site.

There are also wood suppliers who might not be considered to exactly be a saw mill.  We want to know about anyone who provides wood for woodworkers in Georgia.  This includes people who produce and/or sell carving blanks, turning blanks, green lumber, air-dried lumber, kiln-dried lumber as well as tree people who cut and sell hardwood trees and will work with local woodworkers to use the wood instead of hauling it to the dump.

Help us make the list and we'll be a better local Georgia woodworker's resource. 

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