Is your Woodworking Art Legal?

Whether you sell or give away your woodworking items have you ever considered that you might someday be hit with a lawsuit?  Me either!  But, it recently came to my attention that there is a local resource we might all want to know about (there are similar versions for most every state).  It is called

Georgia Lawyers for the Arts

Their website ( ) explains all they do.  You should read through some of it to see what applies to your woodworking or other artistic and creative endeavors.

For Woodworking Groups

Do any of your club members make wood toys, sell wood items, or publish photos of their items online or in print? If so think about the fact the the Georgia Lawyers for the Arts can provide speakers to discuss these issues.  It might be even more enlightening than how to carve a Santa, how to deep hollow a bowl or how to hand cut dovetails.

This is not a plug for Georgia Lawyers for the Arts.  I don't know anyone there (as of this writing).  It is a recommendation for all the woodworking clubs to consider this resource for an upcoming meeting topic.

Paul Proffitt - Suwanee, GA

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