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Whether you are filling gaps in your existing woodworking magazine collection or starting a new collection, these historic woodworking magazines could be just what you need.  No specific prices are yet set, but may be added in the future.  All magazines are as-is which is typically in good to excellent condition.


  • Woodsmith - Volumes 26 thru 32
  • Woodsmith - Volumes 33 thru 42
  • Woodsmith - Volumes 43 thru 50
  • Woodsmith - Volumes 51 thru 58
  • Woodsmith - Volumes 59 thru 64
  • Woodsmith - Volumes 65 thru 76
  • Woodsmith - Volumes 77 thru 87
  • Woodsmith - Volumes 95 thru 105
  • Woodsmith - Volumes 106 thru 115
  • Woodsmith - Volumes 116 thru 125
  • Woodsmith - Volumes 126 thru 142
  • Woodsmith - Volumes 143 thru 159
  • Woodsmith - Volumes 170 thru 180
  • Fine Homebuilding - Volumes 1 thru 71
  • Fine Homebuilding - Volumes 132, 134
  • Fine Homebuilding - Volumes 148 thru 155
  • Fine Homebuilding - Volumes 166 thru 181
  • Fine Homebuilding - Volume 185
  • Fine Woodworking - Volumes 12 thru 207
  • Better Homes & Gardens Wood - Volumes 1 thru 195
  • American Woodworker - Volumes 12, 28, 31, 40, and 54 thru 144
  • Family Handyman - Volumes 10/03 thru 1/10, and 3/10 thru 9/10
  • Flying Chips - odds and ends 3 in 1961, 3 in 1962, all of 1965, 1966, 1967
  • Flying Chips - all off 1968 except Nov and Dec, all of 1969 and 1970
  • Shop Notes - pamphlets and odds and ends

Contact: Paul Proffitt at 770 945-2022

Some of these woodworking books are classics that every serious woodworker will enjoy.  Some techniques are ageless.

No specific prices are yet set, but may be added in the future.  All magazines are as-is which is typically in good to excellent condition.

Woodworking Books

Sold Title Author Publisher
  500 Wood Moulding Do It Yourself Project    
  Construction Manual: Finish Carpentry    
  Deltagram Yearbook - 1959    
  Deltagram Yearbook - 1960    
  Flying Chips - Yearbook - 1963    
  Flying Chips - Yearbook - 1964    
  Homeowner's Complete Outdoor Building Book    
  House Construction Details    
  Practical Carpentry    
  The 250 Best Shop Tricks frrom Woodworker's Journal    
  The Deltagram - Book ?    
  The Deltagram - Book 3    
  The Deltagram - Book 4    
  The Deltagram - Book 7    
  The Rockwell Router    
  Wood Handbook - Wood as an Engineering Material    
  The Homeowner's Guide to Carpentry and Cabinetry Arinpriester & Bremer  
  How to Build Speaker Enclosures Badmaieff & Davis  
  Make It With Wood Beard  
  Outdoor Recreation Projects Bright  
  Complete Book of Woodworking Canotosto, Rosario  
  Hand and Power Tools, How to Use Daniels, George  
  Understanding Wood Finishing Flexner, Bob  
  Staining and Finishing Unfinished Furniture and other Naked Woods Grotz  
  Instant Furniture Refinishing Grotz, George  
  Complete Home Repairs and Maintenance Hand  
  Fine Furniture for a Lifetime Huey  
  Strength of Materials Nash, W. A.  
  Artistic Woodturning Nish, Dale Brigham Young University Press
  Creative Woodturning Nish, Dale Brigham Young University Press
  Build Your Own Home Office Furniture Proulx, Danny Linden Publishing
  Build Your Own Kitchen Cabinets - Second Edition
Proulx, Danny
Linden Publishing
  Build Cabinet Doors & Drawers
Proulx, Danny
Linden Publishing
  Cabinet Doors and Drawers
Proulx, Danny
Linden Publishing
  Shop-Made Jigs & Fixtures
Proulx, Danny
Linden Publishing
  Build Your Own Entertainment Centers
  Handmade Houses
  Colonial Furniture Making for Everybody
Shea, John Gerald
Van Nostrand Reinhold
  Super Threats - How to Sound Like a Lawyer and Get Your Rights On Your Own
Striker, John M. and Shapiro, Andrew O.
Rawson Associates Publishers
  Table Saw Magic
Tolpin, Jim
Popular Woodworking Books
  Table Saw Magic - Second Edition
Tolpin, Jim
Popular Woodworking Books
  Picture Framing
  Advanced Woodwork and Furniture Making
A Bennett Publication
  Cabinetmaking and Millwork
Dahl, Wilson
American Technical Society
  About Your House
Yapp, Bob & Binsacca, Rich
Bay Books
  Cabinetmaking and Millwork
  Family Medical Guide

Better Homes and Gardens
  Furniture of Pine, Poplar, and Maple
  Making Useful Things of Wood
  Reproducing Antique Furniture
  Simple Colonial Furniture
  Veneering Made Easy
Constantine and Son, Inc
  Furniture Repair & Refinishing
Creative Homeowner
  Getting the most out of your Abrasive Tools
  Getting the most out of your Lathe
  Getting the most of our your Radial Saw
  The American Builder's Companion
  Manual of Traditional Wood Carving
Hasluck Dover
  Hand or Simple Turning - Principles and Practice
  The Encyclopedia of Furnituremaking Joyce Drake
  Your Engineered House Roberts Evans
  Care and Repair of Antiques Ormsbee Gramercy
  Practical Guide to Antique Collecting Wills Gramercy
  Selected Wood Turning Projects   Home Craftsman
  Easy Home Repair   IMP
  The New Yankee Workshop Abram, Norm Little Brown
  The Wilderness Cabin
  The Home Machinist's Handbook
McGraw Hill
  Buy Smart!
Brown, R. Edward
McGraw Hill
  How to Make Built-in Furniture - Second Edition
Fabbre, Dal McGraw Hill
  Timber Design and Construction Handbook Timber Engineering McGraw Hill
  Designing, Building and Testing Your Own Speaker System - 3rd Ed Weems McGraw Hill
  Early American Furniture
O'Neill McKnight & McKnight
  Complete Book of Power Tools De Cristoforo Popular Science
  Home Workshops, Complete Book of  
Popular Science, Harper & Row
  How to Work with Concrete and Masonry   Popular Science, Harper & Row
  Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning; Home Guide to Daniels Popular Science, Harper & Row
  Housebuilding Illustrated DeCristoforo, R. J. Popular Science, Harper & Row
  Complete Book of Home Improvement Huff Popular Science, Harper & Row
  Sharpening, Home and Workshop Guide to Walton Popular Science, Harper & Row
  Renovation - Second Edition - A Complete Guide Litchfield Prentice Hall
  Woodworking Techniques: Joints and their Applications DeCristoforo Reston
  Illustrated Cabinetmaking   Rodale
  Router Magic Hylton Rodale
  Wooden Toy Book, The Great American Marshall Rodale
  Table Saw Essentials: Projects, Plans, Tips & Techniques   ShopNotes
  Table Saw: Tough Cuts Made Easy   ShopNotes
  Band Saw Handbook Duginske Sterling
Classic Furniture Projects Jones Sterling
  Shop Savvy, Tips, Techniques & Jigs for Woodworkers & Metalworkers Moungovan, Ray Sterling
  Router Handbook Spielman Sterling
  Router Jigs & Techniques Spielman Sterling
  Handbook of Doormaking, Windowmaking, and Staircasing Talbot Sterling
  Ideas for Great Wall Systems   Sunset
  Wood Carving Book Aller Sunset
  How To Build Decks Lane Sunset
  How to Plan and Build Fireplaces Lane Sunset
  The Woodworker's Shop - 100 Projects to Enhance Your Workspace Blandford Tab
  The Fiberglass Repair & Construction Handbook Wiley Tab
  Federal Furniture   The Taunton Press
  The Complete Illustrated Guide to Shaping Wood Bird The Taunton Press
  Hardwood Floors Bollinger The Taunton Press
  Remodel Plumbing Cauldwell The Taunton Press
  Wiring a House Cauldwell The Taunton Press

The Woodfinishing Book Dresdner The Taunton Press
  Finish Carpentry Fine Homebuilding The Taunton Press
  Fine Woodworking Fine Woodworking The Taunton Press
  Techniques Fine Woodworking The Taunton Press
  Techniques 2 Fine Woodworking The Taunton Press
  Traditional Furniture Projects Fine Woodworking The Taunton Press
  Adventures in Wood Finishing Frank, George The Taunton Press
  Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking - Book 3: Furnituremaking Frid, Tage The Taunton Press
  Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking - Joinery, Tools and Techniques Frid, Tage The Taunton Press
  Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking - Shaping, Veneering, Finishing Frid, Tage The Taunton Press
Remodeling A Basement German The Taunton Press
Understanding Wood Hoadley The Taunton Press
The Workbench Book Landis The Taunton Press
The Workshop Book Landis The Taunton Press
The Complete Guide to Sharpening Lee The Taunton Press
Setting Up Shop Nagyszalanczy The Taunton Press
Woodshop Jigs & Fixtures Nagyszalanczy The Taunton Press
Turning Wood - Revised Edition Raffan, Richard The Taunton Press
Tiling Complete - Expert Advice from Start to Finish Schweit & Nicholas The Taunton Press
Complete Illustrated Guide to Choosing & Installing Hardware Settich The Taunton Press
Building Traditional Kitchen Cabinets Tolpin The Taunton Press
Queen Anne Furniture Vandal The Taunton Press
Decks, Porches, and Patios Time Life Books
HouseCalls Hazelton, Ron Time Life Books
The Fine Art of Cabinetmaking Krenov Van Nostrand Reinhold
The Impractical Cabinetmaker Krenov Van Nostrand Reinhold
Better Frames For Your Pictures Taubes Viking
Architecture Graphic Standards - Sixth Edition Sleeper, Ramsey Wiley
Router Table Secrets: Tips, Tools & Techniques Woodsmith
end of list

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